“It is not bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” – J.R.R Tolkien



My name is Jennie and I am a wife, mother, home-school teacher, sewer, quilt-maker, gardener, and enjoy weight lifting.

I grew up in the country but currently we live in the suburbs or ” burbs” as we call it. We are slowly making our way back to country roots.

We purchased a beautiful piece of land┬áback in 2015, 9 acres and partially wooded, in hopes to eventually build. Though my heart is longing for the country I’m making the best of where God has planted us for now. That includes a large garden in the burbs since animals are not what our neighborhood will allow. Well, except for our 2 dogs.

To keep myself busy, as 4 kids and homeschooling don’t keep me busy enough, I am learning how to quilt, sew, work in the garden, and canning.

Until and if we make our way out to the country we are enjoying carving out our little piece of country where we are!

Jennie Exposito