Leaves are falling

I love that the leaves are beginning to fall in my neck of the woods. The weather lately has felt more like summer vs. fall but that hasn’t changed God’s design for the trees. They know what time it is.

I have really been wanting to make Lori Holt’s Gobble Gobble quilt using her turkey Tom block ever since I learned about her Farm Girl Vintage patterns. She has the cutest patterns! Check out her blog here.


As much as I love this quilt I figured that the time to piece all the turkeys right now with time would be a bit difficult. So, back on my list Gobble Gobble goes for now. I still really wanted to try another fall pattern. I stumbled upon Sherri McConnell’s blog and saw her pattern for Maple Sky and thought it was so pretty! Again, the time to piece all the many pieces would take a long time. It wouldn’t get finished until Christmas! I wanted something for the kids to snuggle with for fall. I saw MakerValley’s Holly Lesue’s quilt version of Modern Maples pattern on Instagram and loved it!

IMG_1730 (1)


If you haven’t heard of MakerValley, Holly and her husband own and run their own shop. They sell cute shirts and Holly sells her own amazing quilt patterns too!

I got my inspiration from her version of the quilt. I used red, wine, deep brown, yellow, dark orange, and light orange. I also liked making my stems brown. I used Lori Holt’s cross stitch in brown for the background from her Bee Backgrounds collection. I also used her pattern for the leaves and scattered them like the Modern Maples pattern.


Did some meander squiggles this time for the quilting. I’m happy with it and the kids seem to like it too!

Thanks for reading!


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