First Day of Fall

One of my favorite seasons is starting! Yay! It’s not my favorite because of pumpkin spice everywhere or the Halloween aspect. It’s my favorite because of the colors, the crisp leaves, cool air, crackling bonfires, warm apple cider, pumpkins coming to harvest, and the reminder of God’s awesome creativity in His creation. Just beautiful!

Over the summer I got a head start on some Fall projects and one was a super fun pumpkin quilt. Soon after I finished the quilt I found out there was a mini quilt version of the same one. I haven’t made a mini quilt before but I really love this pattern so I figured I would give it a try. The patterns are from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew. She has a great post about her pattern and quilt as well as links to her shop to buy the patterns or download them. Check her out!


I really love how quick the quilt went together and the mini was a piece of cake! Or a piece of pie-pumpkin pie! ha!

FullSizeRender (7)

Instead of doing some of my pumpkins scrappy like the pattern, I just made them solids.


I really like how they turned out! And since I have never hung a quilt before ever I tried to think of a non-permanent way to hang this up for Fall. I found some Comand hooks at Walmart and bought the small curtain rod and clip rings at Hobby Lobby. After a bit of measuring and leveling and voila. This way I can move it around without damaging the wall.


I absolutely love the big quilt too! I can’t wait to use it to snuggle with on a hayride or at a bonfire this season!


Happy first day of Fall and thanks for stopping by, readers! More fun projects to come!


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