Summer Garden

Hello again, readers! I hope you had a wonderful summer!

My summer was pretty filled. I looked forward to berry picking, vegetable gardening, and canning. This year I got to have some special memories with my momma picking black raspberries and blueberries.

The blueberries made some very yummy muffins. I even got to try a new recipe. The crumb topping is amazing! If you’re curious to give it a go here is the recipe.  We also got to can up a lot of strawberry jam and salsa this summer which will be nice come winter time.

The garden this year has done very well. Second year in and still learning a lot. Planted some new things this year too. We planted zucchini, bush beans(again), cucumbers, onions, carrots, marconi peppers, jalapeno peppers, roma tomatoes, and cushaw squash. In case you’re wondering what the heck a cushaw is….

They look like a bowling pin but get quite big sometimes weighing 20lbs and more. They are really good in pie. They are growing really well except I got a really been infestation of white powdery mildew. The squash and cucumber plants have been majorly destroyed despite copper fungicide treatments. Hoping we get a harvest of these before the plants die off completely.  On the up side, we actually got green beans this year. Yay! The kids loved cooking them up and watching them turn from purple to green in the skillet. We also got some wild surprises in the garden this year. Where I had planted cucumbers last year I didn’t plant any but instead planted them somewhere else so that I could keep down on bugs etc. I planted the carrots in their old spot. To my surprise, it looked as if there were volunteers popping up along the carrot rows. I was almost sure I had plucked out the dead plants from last year before going to seed. I shrugged it off and was excited for more cucumbers this season. Then as they started to grow they looked very round. I scoured the internet to see why my cucumbers were growing round. It looked as if it may have been a nutrient deficiency so I just let them go until one day I noticed them getting bigger and not looking at all like a misshapen cucumber but more like a little pumpkin. Then I noticed some were like little gourds. Sure enough, that’s exactly what they were with a big mystery as to how they got there!

God taught me that despite what I had hoped would grow in that spot, He made and grew something unexpected and more special. God is good!

We also were really overrun with bees in the garden this year. No joke, dozens! I was terrified most days to even open the gate. Despite the fear, I was reminded of how much good they do. They help pollination and others like wasps even kill of harmful bugs like aphids etc. that could kill some of the plants. God sent the bees to help in the growing and through the growing, we got these cute pumpkins and gourds. I’m excited to decorate this Fall with these cuties!

This is where I get my seeds if you’re wanting to jump into the gardening world. I believe they even have a sale going on right now so hop on over and give them a look!

All in all, the garden did pretty well this year!

Thanks for reading!


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