Dear Reader,

I know it has been quite some time since I’ve posted so this post may be a bit long. After all, a lot can happen in four months! The garden was quite prosperous this year! Harvest-able up until Thanksgiving! Wow! Peppers grew like crazy! I can’t wait to start seeds for this Spring! I have the garden all planned out already.

Fall brought more fun field trips with Papa and Grandma to Shoenbrunn, a historic Native American settlement, and the leaves changing into such beautiful colors. I didn’t push Christmas in my Etsy shop like I should have so I have aprons with cookie cutters still up for sale but they would make great gardening aprons too. Hint hint!


I did work on some quilts! I started a star block one but got discouraged and goofed up on the sashing so its sitting up for now. I had my first custom order quilt, an E.T. themed one with blue to match his eyes. I think it turned out pretty cool and my husband’s cousin seemed to enjoy it. Yay! Do you remember the “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” quilt? Well, that was actually a surprise quilt for my big brother, Josh. I have three awesome big brothers! So I wanted to make them all a special unique quilt synonymous with them. My brother, Jeremy, got the “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” quilt as he and his wife love that story/movie. My younger older brother, Jason, loves Star Wars so of course he got a quilt themed for Star Wars. I wish I would have recorded them opening their gifts because it was neat. They all seemed to really like them! I included a special patch in the inside of each one with a message from me. img_8721img_8723img_8601img_8620  img_8583

I also made another custom quilt for my son. I wanted it to be all his favorite things so it took some time but I finally collected a bunch of fabric I wanted to use. img_8872

I really like how it turned out! One day though I would really love to get an embroidery machine to add his name.

Christmas time brought lots of cookies and baking! I finally learned how to bake cookies without burning them. Ha! Needless to say there were a lot of cookies around our house and a few pounds were probably gained as well. My mom brought over Swedish Rolls. These cookies are a family tradition and have been passed down. I haven’t seen anything like them. The dough is soft and filled with cinnamon and spices then frosted and topped with walnuts. Mmm!


And on to the very last and most recent quilt I have made. I loved the colors! Jo Ann’s was having their Black Friday sale on all their flannels so I scooped up a bunch. I made pillowcases with some for our nieces, nephew, and our kids. The other pieces I made this blue rag quilt with. I call it my Christmas/ Birthday gift as my birthday is right after New Years. ha! A HUGE plus? It only cost me a whopping $15 in material!! Awesome!  I still had needle punch batting leftover from a store in Amish Country that was dirt cheap. How cheap you ask? How about $1 per yard!! Yes you read that right. Unbelievable. Alas, they are a warehouse that gets what they get so the chances of getting that kind of deal again on batting is slim. img_9363-1

There are more fun projects to come! More quilts, stockings and even a Christmas tree skirt. There will be some quilts for sale soon too. Maybe a giveaway? We will see!

Until next time, reader, I hope you are having a good week and enjoyed the holiday season!

-Jennie Exposito



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