Back in commission

My trusty and affordable Brother sewing machine started throwing a little temper tantrum recently so we had a mandatory 2 week break. Thankfully, it’s attitude got adjusted at the shop and is in a better mood now!

Back to work!


I was in the middle of working on a very special quilt(before my machine staged a fit) for a very special lady in my life. My mother! Her birthday is fast approaching and she adores the Autumn/Fall season. I found and fell in love with this fabric and it was on sale to boot! Score!

Yes, there is one block that is flipped but oh well. By the time I had remembered it was already sewn altogether. I hear every quilter makes mistakes and I am still learning. I think it still looks cute. Looking at it out flat makes my OCD a little nuts though. ha!

I’m hoping to very soon have a quilt available in the Etsy shop as soon as I’ve honed these quilting skills.

Readers, I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day! Ours entailed actual “labor”! Helping my parents paint their old horse barn.


The colors of the stain and the light of the sun was such a pretty sight yesterday afternoon! I grew up running around this 2 acre lot. Feeding animals, carrying water buckets, walking lambs, riding horses, and imagining I was on a number of adventures. It’s funny how you yearn for things as an adult that you took for granted as a child. I’m very thankful for the hard work and sacrifices my family made for me and my brothers to be able to live in such a beautiful place!

-Jennie Exposito


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